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hydraulic bellowsSigma-Netics is a manufacturer of directional speed controls for electrically powered stand-up, sit-down, or walk-behind, material handling equipment. Our Series 751 directional speed controls have been in use for the last 30 years serving OEM's such as NACCO (Hyster-Yale), Baker, Clark, and Blue-Giant. Offered with a variety of switches, input shafts, potentiometer spans, and mounting options the series 751 controls can be custom fit to meet the requirements of most applications. The Series 755 “Heavy Duty” speed control is engineered for high use, stop and start applications on electric powered pallet and stacker type trucks.

hydroformed bellowsIf you need assistance developing a prototype, we invite you to contact our applications engineering team. For the majority of applications and configurations we can supply test samples within two weeks of your request.

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