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Military-Aerospace Pressure Switches OVERVIEW

 military-aerospace pressure switchesSince its inception in 1965, Sigma-Netics has built a reputation in the Military and Commercial Aerospace industries for designing and manufacturing military-aerospace pressure switches for the most demanding applications. Our inventory of qualified products has grown to hundreds, having applications in military heavy lift transports, high performance fighter aircraft, large commercial and regional aircrafts, helicopters, armored wheeled and tracked vehicles, missile launchers, naval craft and others.

Our military-aerospace pressure switches are used in hydraulic, fuel, oil, and pneumatic systems; approved applications include brake and anti-skid systems, rudder and ground spoiler flight control actuators, transmissions, constant speed drives, anti-icing, propeller auto-feathering, hydraulic systems diagnostics, and fuel systems.

 military-aerospace pressure switchesMany of our aerospace designs meet the requirements of MIL-STD-810 and or MIL-STD-202. Among others, these requirements include salt, sand, dust, moisture, temperature, shock, vibration, acceleration, contact resistance, dielectric strength, insulation resistance and accelerated endurance cycling.

Sigma-Netics is continually investing in new technologies to improve our ability to design and test our newest products. Our capabilities to reduce the time to market include; concurrent engineering, SolidWorks 3D modeling and design, rapid prototyping, and in-house qualification testing. We are confident that we are well staffed and equipped to meet your next rigorous pressure sensing requirement, and welcome the challenge to respond expeditiously.

 military-aerospace pressure switches
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