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With over 30 years of experience, Sigma-Netics has become an established leader in providing the most reliable and rugged miniature pressure and vacuum switches in the industry. Our switches are used in the harshest of environments, spanning markets such as underground mining excavators and dump trucks to critical aerospace and military applications. Please see the large array of our past successful applications.

In addition to sensing pressure, we also manufacture hydroformed metal bellows, and utilize the bellows to create liquid filled bellows assemblies and thermostats to sense temperature. We provide bellows and assemblies to a wide variety of markets, including; HVAC, Medical, Chemical, and Electrical Distribution Equipment.

Additionally, Sigma-Netics manufactures rotary actuators for the aerospace industry, and speed control for the electric forklift marketplace.

We are committed to applying the most advanced designs, selection of materials and processes to meet our customer's needs. We employ the latest tools such as; Solidworks modeling software, rapid prototyping and in-house testing to drastically reduce your time to market.

If you don't find a product that exactly meets your needs, please call, e-mail, or fax us your exact design needs and we will explore a unique solution to satisfy your requirements.

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