rotary actuators rotary actuators
rotary actuatorsrotary actuatorsrotary actuatorsrotary actuators

rotary actuators

rotary actuators

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Rotary Actuators Overview

rotary actuatorsSigma-Netics is a leading supplier of rotary actuators used in Air Management Systems (AMS) aboard a wide variety of aircraft. We are the principal supplier to the largest AMS manufacturer in the world. Our rotary actuators have been utilized for the past twenty years in the majority of business and regional aircraft produced during that time frame.

rotary actuatorsThe rotary actuator is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from: 1) Pneumatic Systems which delivers compressed air (bleed air) from the APU to other points in the aircraft 2) Ice and Rain Protection which includes airfoil, engine cowl, and windshield ice and rain protection 3) Air Conditioning, which includes heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

Our rotary actuators can be applied to a wide variety of aerospace, military, or industrial applications. Please call the factory to discuss your application with one of our engineers.

rotary actuators
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